Want a rebate fast?

Getting the extra cash from your tax rebate is always a good feeling, but how about if you could get it much quicker?

Our sister company, Brian Alfred, is the UK’s leading tax rebate specialist whatever your employment status, and they can get you your rebate real quick – in fact, in just 24 hours.

They provide a 100% guarantee on all tax rebates, so you don’t need to worry about HMRC.

How do they pay out so quickly?

Brian Alfred pays all rebates upfront, direct into your bank account once all the relevant information is provided. They wait for HMRC to pay them so you don’t have to.

Call them now on 0800 073 1218

Why choose Brian Alfred?


You’ll get your money within 24 hours


Once your rebate is in your bank, it’s yours to keep

No rebate, no fee

If you don’t qualify, you won’t pay a penny

Maximising your rebate

Trust their tax experts to get you the best rebate possible

Download a Tax Pack to start your claim Calculate your rebate